Les Oliviers

Massamier la Mignarde Thierry Murcia

Les Oliviers

Easy access, elegance and freshness, fruity wines of the range of the olive trees, would be suitable for all tastes. From € 5.30

Les Oliviers Rouge

The dress is bright, Ruby red. The nose has a pleasant aromatic freshness, with a fruity rich and intense with notes of red fruit ripe. The mouth is round, although in the flesh, persisting on a pleasant fruitiness and a discreet and sweet tannin. Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Carignan 30%, 20%, 10% Syrah, Grenache 10% Cinsault

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Les Olivers Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc 90%, white 10% Grenache. Dress with Golden reflections. A lot of freshness and finesse.

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Les Oliviers Rosé

The dress is clear. Nose combine aromatic finesse and fine intensity of all. Floral notes against a backdrop of fresh red fruit. A wide mouth attack with a lot of freshness and aromatic density. A beautiful persistence. 80%, 10% Syrah, Grenache 10% cinsault

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