Glop del Solelh

Massamier la Mignarde Thierry Murcia

Glop del Solelh

A small pleasure signed Massamier La Mignarde!

Glop del soleilh in occitan, Mouthfull of Sun in french, this is a late harvest wine. It is fresh, it is good and powerful without being too sweet.

Grenache Gris0%

The colour is golden-yellow


Added to the aromatic, the character of the grape is the power due to the phenomenon of concentration.


With aromas of quince and honey, this wine is sweet, soft and fruity, combining balance, finesse, charm and typicity.

Serving temperature

Serve fresh, about 10 ° C

Pairing with food

In aperitif, with foie gras, goat cheese and deserts.


Appreciation from now and may be aged for much longer