Wine tourism

Château Massamier La Mignarde is just 30 km from Carcassonne and 40 km from Narbonne. This proximity is an good prerequisite for the development of the wine tourism and those who are looking for new cultural and gourmet sensations, will be pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty of the landscape around the estate and tourist activities that the region offers.

Positive emotions that provide the visits of cultural and historical heritage of the region, walking, biking or boat, would be much more charming if they were accompanied by a glass of excellent wine!

The castle Massamier Mignarde offers few services to better satisfy your desire to learn more about its history and its wines.


Wine tastings

Dégustation au chai

In the authentic atmosphere of the cellar which is impressed with the history of the chateau, you could taste several wines and there you could also buy them.

Discovering the vineyard

Château Massamier La Mignarde organizes wine tours during which visitors will visit some of the plots of the vineyard. They can learn more about the terroir and the environment of the area.

Wine-grower meals

A wine-grower lunch can be arranged on request in a rustic and friendly atmosphere where you will spend unforgettable moments.



Initiatory route in the vineyard (in process of creating)

A route of several kilometers will be intended for people who love nature, walking and hiking in the vineyards. It will aim to present the flora, the fauna and the cultural heritage of a part of the Minervois.

Please contact us to know more about the organization and the price of each service.


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