Château Massamier La Mignarde history

Le Château Massamier La Mignarde is a vineyard of 70 hectares located at the foot of the Black mountains, near the ancient city of Minerve.

At the time of the Roman Empire, a legion named Maximus seattled in a villa, he gave the name of Maximana, which is now Massamier. Its history is essentially linked to that of the Minervois region since the first written citing the Pagus Menerbensis (Minervois) date of 836 and recounts a dispute concerning the delimitation of territory of Maximiana.Roman-September

The owners, the Vènes family, have been there for generations in Minervois, will help you to discover its history. Impassioned by the wine, they have devoted a lot of time and energy in the pursuit of quality.

Elected best wine in the world in 2005

Award ceremony “The best wine of the World 2005”

Remise de médaille 2005In 2005 at the International Wine Challenge in London, the cuvée Domus Maximus 2000  has been elected “Best french red wine all categories», «Best red wine in the Southern France » and «Best wine of the world in the catégory Sirah-Grenache» during a blind tasting of over 9000 wines.
Domus Maximus is one of the two high-range wines of Château Massamier La Mignarde. The wine is a blend of Syrah and Grenache, and is recognized as one of the greatest wines of the Minervois.

The Owner

FrantzVenes_vigneronFrantz Vènes was born in the vineyards of the Minervois region, and he succeeded very naturally his parents in 1998.
Defender of the Occitan culture, Frantz and his wife are involved in the preservation of the heritage of Languedoc, they are chairing an association and looking after the Minervois Occitan school.
“I therefore invite you to visit this extraordinary area and discovered his varietals.”

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