Become a vineyard Owner

Become a vineyard owner in the South of the France

The concept

Frantz Vènes, the owner of Château Massamier La Mignarde, proposes projects to whoose you can associate.

These projects are aimed to develop the activity of wine tourism, but also to create a truffle-field and a Conservatory of ancient grape varieties in Château Mignarde Massamier .

Becoming a partner means that one adheres to a qualitative and environmentally friendly approach. In this spirit, horse plowing will be promoted, as well as the work of the vines and the picking by hand. The qualitative interest of this approach is to provide a complexity in wine due to the different grape varieties. In the cellar we will maximally limit the use of oenological products. To promote diversity, we will plant fruit trees (fig trees, olive trees, almond trees…) around the plots for the pleasure of the partners.

The projects

Vineyard "Rêve Partagé" (Shared dream"): available shares

This project is the fruit of the meeting between Frantz Vènes and Pascal Laudinot, Manager of OVINI.

Frantz wanted to make revive formerly cultivated grapes varieties  in its region and Pascal needed to discover rare or forgotten varieties. This leads naturally to the creation of a project where endangered grape varieties will be featured: the rivairenc, the right plant, oeillade, piquepoul, the big black of the calmette, the black terret, aramon, bobal, the black aubun, the trepat and Brown fourca.

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Vinyard "La Truffière" : socket closed participation,
but expansion expected soon...

Frantz Vènes, has thus fulfilled his dream by giving life to old vines by the creation of a real Conservatory of Mediterranean grape varieties (rivairenc, the right plant, oeillade, black picpoul, the big black of the calmette, the black terret the aramón, the bobal, the black aubun, the trepat, Brown fourca…).

Damien Berlureau, great professional of the truffle, will oversee the planting of truffle oaks and the production (the theoretical production is 8 years after planting with an average yield non-guaranteed 3 kilos per hectare).

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The realization of the project

These projects are implemented by the company Terra Hominis, specialized in the creation and development of vineyards in condominium, which has already created for Frantz Vènes, an winery and two vineyards on the principle of co-ownership.

Here the members are men and women who love wine, nature and moments of celebration and conviviality.

The vineyards of co-ownership

Domaine Laur Bauzil

Massamier la Mignarde

Laur Bauzil is the first condominium winery created by Frantz Vènes and Terra Hominis. Frantz produces wine in a wine cellar at his home, Laur Bauzil initials are engraved in stone. On this terroir with a fabulous potential, there are:

  • 5 ha vineyard in BIO conversion, in the appellation Minervois-la-Livinière, which is worked using a horse
  • 3 grape varieties: Mourvèdre, Carignan and Grenache
  • A range of three red wines
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Dolmen des Fées

Massamier la Mignarde

With the vineyard “Dolmen des fées” (Dolmen of the fairy), Frantz Vènes and Terra Hominis have continued their collaboration. The name of ‘Dolmen des fées’ was inspired by a megalithic tomb built over 5,000 years ago overlooking the vineyard. The vineyard is composed of:

  • 4 ha on the unique terroir of the Minervois.
  • Grapes: Syrah and Sauvignon in three appellations (AOP Minervois, AOP Minervois la Livinière and IGP Coteaux de Peyriac)

The vineyard is operated, with a lease operator, by Château Massamier La Mignarde.

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La Truffière

Massamier la Mignarde

The analyzis of the soils confirmed that there is a strong potential for the cultivation of truffle, so Frantz Vènes and Terra Hominis decided to create “La Truffière” (The truffle-field):

  • 3 ha of vines in the appellation Minervois La Livinière,
  • 4 ha of land not worked for 15 years will be replanted with ancient grape varieties
  • 1 ha of land suitable for cultivation of the truffle will be planted (approximately 250 trees)
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